Apple’s founder Steve Wozniak advised people to close their Facebook accounts as soon as possible

New Delhi: In the headlines for frequent wrong reasons since the Cambridge Analyte data scam case. After the Cambridge Analyte episode, millions of people around the world had closed their Facebook account. Even in order to leave Facebook, it was a way to move with the campaign. The most powerful voice behind the closure of Facebook was that of founder Sweve Wozniack of Apple who had closed his Facebook account after the Cambridge episode. He also told the rest of the people that they should close their Facebook account because all their personal information is being sold to the Facebook companies and their company is playing with their privacy.

When Wozniak was asked to Washington Airport if he was worried about the fact that Facebook and its associate Instagram were stealing their personal data through the app, they said that they are worried about big tech companies, including Facebook, that they Listening to private things He said that you often freak out while chatting with someone because you feel that what you and the person in front is talking about is only between the two of you. He further said that often you become informal while talking with each other and do things like you can not do with everyone but if you find out that your words are being heard then you are sure to be alert Will go

He further said that Facebook can know your heartbeat. He has many such devices, you do not even know who is listening to your story except what you are talking about on the phone. When asked about his solution, he said that Facebook should be immediately shut down, all its accounts should be sealed. His financial transactions should be closed.

Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram Server Down, Photo Video, Not Including India, Including India

The social media sites Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram’s servers have once again been down in the world. If you are searching on the internet, why do Facebook, why millions of users are complaining that neither photo is downloading or video in their group message since Wednesday evening. Also, if someone sends some photos of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Group, they do not see it. If you are looking for the right if you are looking for the Internet why is Facebook down, whats down, why Messenger is down, why the Instagram is down? , Because Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s three stores, the shutters of Facebook, Instagram and What’sapp are still closed.

For more than 2 hours, such complaints are coming in Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. At first, users thought that this was happening due to slow sloping or other reason, but later it was found that this problem is also coming in Instagram and Messenger along with Whatsapp. Facebook has responded to the matter and said that we are aware of this problem and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

#Whatsappdown and #instagramdown started trending on Twitter on Wednesday evening and social media users began to tell their problems. It is known that billions of people around the world use Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp and through this, send the necessary messages and photos and videos. People complain that they are sending and receiving videos and photos, but they neither see the video nor the photo.

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