India in the UN said, terror organization has become Dawood’s D-Company

Pak Foreign Office said on Thursday that underworld chief Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan. Actually, a UK court was informed a day earlier that this gangster, who is desirous of the issue of the 1993 bomb blasts, is living in the same country (Pakistan). Foreign Office spokesman Muhammad Faisal said in response to a question during his weekly press conference here, “Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan.”

During the extradition case of Jabir Moti (51), a leading member of the D-Company, the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London was told Wednesday that Dawood is wanted in the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai and he is in Pakistan. 200 people were killed in these blasts. According to part of the American Attorney’s affidavit for extradition read by Edward Fitzgerald, advocate of the pearl, Dawood Ibrahim, chief of “D Company”, is in exile in Pakistan. Dawood and his brother Anis Ibrahim are absconding from India since 1993. He informed that the current investigation revealed that Jabir Moti was directly reporting to Dawood.
Actually, Fitzgerald was trying to establish that his client would be linked to Dawood and D Company by US officials, that would mean special administrative action would be taken in New York’s Metropolitan Rehabilitation Center, in which to keep it separate And keeping it at risk. According to the US, Dawood was in close touch with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. Because of this, the US declared him a global terrorist.

Dawood’s ally Jabir is facing a lawsuit involving America’s allegations of money laundering, recovery and conspiracy to smuggle drug trafficking. Jabir was detained by Scotland Yard (London Metropolitan Police) officials from a London hotel in August 2018.

Amit Shah became a Home Minister soon after the uproar in ‘D Company’, Dawood asked the guards, stay alert and run away!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s return to power can lead to problems of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan’s favor. According to the news, the Indian government will not be relieved by taking any major action on Dawood. But after Amit Shah became the Home Minister, there was a panic in Dawood and D Company too. Amit Shah is considered to be a very strict administrator. When Shah became the Home Minister of Gujarat, there was concrete action on the mafia and underworld.

Reliable sources claim that according to intelligence, Dawood and his operatives are now scared of the fact that now the old files of the gang can not be reopened in the home ministry, but the action can also be started on them fast. Significantly, Dawood’s henchmen are still present in the country and abroad and his big network is still engaged in various types of greed, including drugs, fictitious, speculative markets and illegal weapons.

The G-News website has reported on the sources that the D Company’s fear was revealed when intelligence agencies came to know that Dawood’s very close son Shakeel recently held a meeting with his special guards on an unknown location. was. Chhota Shakeel also spoke on the phone through the internet-based conference call to the operators spread all over the world.

Dawood warns to the criminals

Sources have claimed that on the instructions of Dawood, Chhota Shakeel has instructed the criminals handling his business in India to be even more vigilant against the agencies than before. Guerrillas were also instructed so that if they feel threatened then they can take shelter in countries such as Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia and Dubai for some time, where they have the full responsibility of protecting the company D Will be

In the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), India has said that the D-Company of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has now been transformed into a fully terror network. Indian Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin said in the UNSC on Tuesday that Dawood’s D-Company’s crime system is now fully in the terror network …

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