Indian Badminton Ace Sameer Verma gives priority to fitness in everything

In the ongoing Badminton Asian Championship, Sameer Verma had to fight hard-fought three-game with Kajumasa Sakai of Japan to enter the Pre-Quarter. He has two other badminton aces – Sina Nehwal and P.V. Sindhu also achieved success in the next round.

On the return of Sameer Verma, we are putting a glance at how the 24-year-old is giving his fitness to other things so that he can achieve excellence in his career.

Even in his small international career, Sameer has suffered many injuries, which has made him out of the main tournament. Badminton Ace does not want to lose on any other occasion, which is why she has made her fitness her primary goal.

“I just want to be fit, take care of my body, this is my goal, I do not want to think anything else. I know that if I am 100 percent, then the performance will come and my ranking will also improve,” Sameer Told PTI on the phone.

“I keep talking to my coaches and practitioners how to take care of themselves in a better way. I realized that I was overtraining, which I have to avoid and think for a long period. ”

Sameer, whose older brother is also a badminton player, made a strong run at the Syed Modi International Grand Prix Gold event. Later he went to the event to bring his maiden gold. However, things did not look very positive after that because they kept the shoulder injury out, which put them out of Indonesian and Australian Open.

The shoulder injury in the Korean Open again troubled him, and he had to rest in the second half of the season.

Since injuries have been the reason for their consistent exit from the tournament, we hope that they are well-cured and have more fitter than ever before. The badminton Asian championship looks positive and we hope that they will have a long tenure in the championship and they can win the medal too!

AirBadminton is the new outdoor game to enjoy all!

Badminton World Federation (BWF) and HSBC have joined hands to launch a new game – Airbuddinton. It is an ambitious new design game to provide opportunities for people of all ages in parks, gardens, roads, playgrounds and beaches around the world and the ability to play badminton on hard, grass and sand surfaces. This exciting project has been running for the past five years.

The inherent essence of the game lies in generating more and more people with a racket. Not only does the external version of the game promote exercise, but also boosts socialism. People of all ages can enjoy this game. What’s more, it provides an alternative career to retired professionals.

A global launch ceremony was organized outside the Tianhe Gymnasium in Guangzhou, China. BWF President and Gold Medalist Poul-Erik Hoyyer, of the men’s singles at the 1996 Summer Olympics, launched the program.

“Given that the first experience of most people with Badminton comes in an outdoor environment, now we are making it easy for all of us to access the game through a new outdoor game and new shuttlecock, Airshoot. AirBadminton is seen as an exciting, new, energetic version of the game. Overall, its aim is to motivate more people to play badminton in greater places.

A new game calls for a new format. There is a dead area of two meters in front of the AirBadminton Court. Whether the airshoot should be in that area, it is a mistake. Points can not be made from the net area because the control of the shuttle up front is very difficult.

BWF is currently working with leading sports producers to create and roll out air products. The final objective is to shuttlelock in the air at a speed of 12 km per hour. Available in bright colors, AirShuttle is the most important component of this new format. It is designed for the same acoustics and feels a regular shut down, but the impact from the side and axial air will have limited impact and humidity differences.

Olympian Bronze medal winner and former world number, Saina Nehwal fully supports the new game in the market. We played it with our parents and friends outside the house. This is a great initiative by BWF to bring it forward and promote it. ”

BWF has also launched a new format, called ‘Triples’, where there are three players in a team, in which there is at least one female. Players are not allowed to hit consistently.

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