Long-term loss of computer use

We are living in the era of technology with a full-fledged technological revolution. Everyday the latest power tools to hit the market are over and the science and technology has reached the heights, which we can barely imagine in the past few decades. Humans are increasingly dependent on machines every passing day, especially with computers. It is enough that we can save barely a day without using them. Computers have been popular for the last 30-40 years and undoubtedly have a preference in our lives as well as in our lives. And now its much smaller and smaller versions are available. Laptops, netbooks, tablets, etc. Now where one of the most intelligent and useful inventions of the computer has made our life quite easy and convenient, there is a downside also that we are not paying attention to it. The longer we spend in front of our computer screen, it is more than ever and when we are on it, do we know how bad it is for us and how much of it is physically, psychologically and socially Can damage. Here is a list of 15 disadvantages for using long-term computers. Take a look and think.

Waste of time while doing unproductive activities

Believe it or not, people actually keep sitting in front of your computer throughout the day to play Candy Crush Saga, Zynger Poker and other meaningless games. And just because of the games, but there are a large number of unproductive activities that can work on one day on a computer like chatting, online gaming or just random net surfing. Although using a computer as a means of entertainment is a good idea, but it is not good to stick to it for hours as it only leads to a waste of time which can be used for some other productive functions.

Lack of physical activity

As computers become more and more easier, we are becoming incredibly lazy and physically inactive. Simple outdoor activities like walking in a park or playing games have been replaced with long gaming sessions and hours of internet browsing which is creating a generation that is very tech savvy but physically inactive.

Bad blood causes circulation

Long-term use of a computer means sitting in the same situation as causing poor blood circulation. This causes fatigue, painful convulsions and blood clots in the limbs. Living for long periods of time is not healthy for the body and it is always advised that you do some exercise to spread your body.

Creates a tendency to quit

While working on a computer, we often stop eating and skipping meals. Our brain loses the track of time and consciousness to do other important activities of food. And this is clearly unhealthy because our body needs food on time to get energy and work properly.

May be the result of more food and obesity

Leaving food as long as there is a disadvantage of using a computer, the more food is also another problem which we have to deal with. Like watching television or movies, we need to eat something, while on the computer people also eat snacks or any other food. Apart from this, sitting for long periods of time and no action does not accumulate fat inside our body and poses a threat to obesity.

Bad asana causes body-pain

While using the computer for a long time, we take care of our posture and have pain in the body. The bad alignment of the head, neck and shoulders causes pain and our body has harmful lasting effects.

Causes of headache

When you shut down your computer even after staying on your computer for hours, do you not feel a little heavy and painful in your head? Using a computer for a long time can lead to severe headache, which many people complain about when they have to spend long hours working on computers at the office or home. Our body and mind clearly need rest, but when you are continuously using a computer for long periods of time, the body does not get comfort.

Strains the eyes and causes bad vision

There is another unpleasant damage to the I Stain computer. Sticking constantly on the monitor screen, our eyes tighten and they dry up. Not only does this cause an unpleasant feeling, but it can also produce a bad eye. The person should always take breaks and should focus on the distant object for a while as a simple eye exercise.

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