Punjab Government’s decision, NCC will be mandatory for students in schools and colleges adjacent to the Pakistani border

The Captain Amarinder Singh government of Punjab has made a big decision about NCC. In fact, the Punjab Government has made training of National Cadet Corps (NCC) mandatory for students in position schools and colleges in areas adjacent to the Pakistani border. In a high-level meeting on Monday, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh took this decision.

After the Highvelall meeting, CM Amarinder Singh said that decision to make NCC compulsory in the school colleges adjacent to the border will open new opportunities for the youth in the army and paramilitary forces. In addition, they will develop discipline spirit. Gradually NCC training will be made mandatory in all schools and colleges of the state.

CM Amarinder Singh, while training the NCC in all schools of Gurdaspur, Tarn Taran and Amritsar districts adjacent to the Pakistan border, mandating that it is a pilot project. Training of NCC of 365 High Schools and 365 Senior Secondary School First and Second Year students of these districts will be given. If this project is successful in the Punjab Government, it will be implemented in the entire state soon.

A decision has also been taken about employment with NCC in the Highlight meeting. CM Amarinder Singh has sought a list of vacant posts within 10 days from all the government departments. CM said that the government departments will be admitted in two phases. In the first phase, 29,000 posts will be recruited and in the second phase 15 thousand posts will be recruited.

CM Amarinder Singh stressed on the recruitment of officers in professional, technical and skilled cadre posts in the highlights meeting. These include the post of doctors, nurses and teachers. CM said that after retirement, new people will soon be appointed on vacant places.

US President Donald Trump blames India for blatant social media users

US President Donald Trump once again attacked India with tariffs. Donald Trump has tweeted Tuesday that the manner in which India has imposed tariff on American products is beyond tolerance. Even earlier, Donald Trump has tweeted about the tax imposed by India. After that, US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met in Japan during the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan. President of the two countries met with warm greetings, Donald Trump did not mention any about this at that time. On the other hand, after announcing Donald Trump’s attack on India, Indian users are listening to him on social media, while the American people are praising Donald Trump for it.

Sonam Mahajan has responded by announcing Donald Trump’s tweet – OK, clumsy, we are scared.

These brother-in-law have responded to Donald Trump that India-New Zealand is running semi-finals afterwards

An American citizen believes that his President Donald Trump is working to take America forward and the whole world should know it.

American author Andy Austro has written to Donald Trump, answering that you started attacking other people including India, Supreme Court, Theresa, in the morning. You are a stingy, incendiary, self-respecting, disgusting person.

One user has written that there is a tension of the World Cup semi-finals and it has a tariff.

Let us tell you that even Donald Trump tweeted this even before joining the G-20 Summit held in Japan last month. The American president wrote during that time that India has been imposing heavy taxes on US products for years. This tariff has increased in recent times. He had also said this about talking to PM Modi about this, but when both met in Japan, this issue did not mention the issue. At present, this attack of Trump has worried the concerns of Indian power corridors.

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