Saina Nehwal’s fitness secret is one of India’s best badminton players

In the game world, many times when the stars of the game are written before their time. But somehow some of them jump back and prove to be the critics wrong, once again they sit at the top of the world. This is the achievement that Indian Badminton star Saina Nehwal has achieved in her career.

Just when critics and fans around the world had decided about the end of the career of talented athlete, then 29-year-old returned and how!

But in the world of the game, how is this Indian superstar going instead of facing so many shocks and injuries? Yes, Saina is going through many highs and lows in her long career, but she ensures her fitness game is perfect all the time. Here’s the secret to being fit for the court.


Like most world-famous athletes, Saina also considers breakfast as the most important meal of the day. She makes it a point to not leave the morning meal. It goes without saying that the athlete is completely away from junk and oily food.

Every day, to keep his body energetic for his busy schedule, Sina eats the egg white and brown bread for breakfast, to ensure that her body is ready to take her badminton training.

Saina likes boiled and boiled food for her lunch. It includes maximum two roti – with some lentils, vegetables, grilled chicken and lassi, keeping in mind that his body does not consume unnecessary fat.

After lunch, there is also a glass protein shake before and after training in Saina.

His dinner menu is almost identical, but with just one bread, not two.

If she had a choice, Saina used to say that she incorporates side dishes like gram cabbage, potato cabbage, potato peas and potato capsicum, clearly indicates her love for potatoes. To kill her hunger among the food, Saina has healthy fruit or fruit licking.

On Sundays, badminton supporters go and eat parathas or naan and often paneer butter masala.

He ensures his last meal for the day before 7:30 in the evening. This diet routine ensures that her body is torn and ready to take strong and badminton duties at the same time.

Saina’s workout

Being a dedicated disciplined professional, Saina ensures her training is on the pitch. Working at least six days a week is a constant mantra of fitness, but it also ensures that the seventh day is saved for complete rest.

Since Badminton’s game requires most effort on the feet and hands, Saina concentrates in these areas and makes extra efforts. To increase the coordination between the parts of your body, it performs the lateral pulldown and some rowing exercises that help in reducing any excess fat in the body, makes them stronger.

He practices the military press, which helps in strengthening arms and contributes to the upper body to provide stamina to hold the racket in long matches.

To ensure that the injuries do not delay the recovery of it, the heel and calf helps in the practice of strengthening the lower part of the body.

Saina also says that basic fitness routines are involved in helping them perform better in court. Running, push-ups and wrinkles keep his muscles active.

With such a tough fitness regime, it is no wonder that a talented woman has left her mark in the world of badminton and is proud of her country. Saina is the oldest in the top 10 rankings and she is still outclassing other young players.

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